Important information about COVID-19 for our clients

There has been a lot of news recently with growing concerns and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. 

Safety concerns

Our top priority is everyone’s safety and so with this in mind we will be stopping client visits and looking into staff working from home in the future in line with the governments guidelines. Our office currently remains open, but we are actively preparing for various eventualities and scenarios.   

Your investments 

Some clients have already made contact on the basis that the media has reported stock market falls around the world. As you are probably aware interest rates have been cut around the world and other monetary stimulus is being looked into to provide support to the global economy. Our view is that it is likely that global economies will go into recession and it may take twelve months for the stock markets to recover.  Funds are not invested for the short term and are invested for the medium to long term.  Ideally, if income or capital is not required it is advisable to wait for the markets to potentially improve.  Fund Managers will look to take advantage of potentially low valuations on good quality stock with strong balance sheets.  As the Covid-19 effects dwindle, stock markets and the economy will potentially surge.  Historically this has proven to be the case in the vast majority of previous stock market falls.  

Inspire Wealth Advisers

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