Inspire Wealth Ltd is a firm of independent Wealth Advisers & Discretionary Fund Managers. Our main focus involves Lifestyle Planning, Investment Planning and Tax Planning.

Our Mission Statement

“We are committed to¬†‘inspire’¬†individuals, by providing innovative and proven strategies to help grow their personal and business wealth”.

Staff and Service Proposition

Inspire Wealth Brochure

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At the core of everything is our staff. The quality of the staff and the ethos of teamwork is fundamental to our approach. We have a series of dedicated teams and have regular meetings to keep all staff involved. Whilst being led by strong management, staff are encouraged to freely communicate and express their thoughts and ideas to help the business grow and improve efficiency. Our strength is our service which is focussed and delivered efficiently. We offer a personal service to our clients, establish goals and aspirations, arrange paperwork, implement plans and make investment changes according to our strategies and advice process.

In an industry that at times has had a bad reputation in the past, we believe in integrity and clarity for clients and keeping things easy to understand. Our service and costs are explained upfront and we are probably one of the only industries where we disclose everything upfront. There are no hidden costs or charges for clients these days.

Threefold Focus

We focus on three strategies. Investment strategies, Lifestyle strategies and Tax Planning strategies. Since 2008 we have run our own investment strategies of which only 10% of adviser firms operate, with an in-house model portfolio service offering five different risk profiles from low risk to high risk. This has been a great success for our clients as performance has been consistently excellent and we can ensure that clients risk levels remain within an acceptable range. We strongly favour tactical asset allocation and can control the amounts of client’s money going into the various geographical areas, but keeping a wide range of diversified assets to spread risk. This is based on where we see growth opportunities over the next twelve months, taking a view on what’s happening in the world now rather than basing things on past risk and returns like strategic models used by other adviser firms. All funds are monitored and screened on various performance, risk indicators and data to ensure continuance of strong performance and ensuring risk is managed. Recently the FCA have varied our investment permissions to allow discretionary fund management, this will further assist us to create a niche market for our company as only two per cent of adviser firms offer this service.

Our Lifestyle strategies have the intention of helping us to inspire people to plan and provide for their future.

It starts with a desired lifestyle cost which becomes the focus or target. With this information we can plot all client’s assets into a cash flow, so providing an independent and holistic view in an understandable way.

Our Tax Planning strategies are based on innovative solutions which take advantage of tax incentive type schemes. These schemes can offer other reliefs, but they need to be tried and tested and accepted by HMRC before we will recommend them.